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1 Linear Park is a large commercial office development within the Bristol Temple Quay enterprise zone.


The project consisted of the complete replacement of the existing four pipe fan coil chilled water and low temperature hot water systems which were damaged by the presence of pseudomonas and nitrate depleting bacteria.


The works had to be undertaken with several tenants still in situ which dictated the design and approach.


New Variable Refrigerant Volume systems and fan coil units were provided on a per floor basis to enable the works to be carried out with minimal disruption to the tenants.


The central air handling plant required both heating and cooling coils to be replaced. This required the provision of two new replacement direct expansion Chillers.


New boilers and LTHW systems were installed to serve the AHU’s and core area of the building. New secondary air terminals were provided throughout together with the replacement of Building Management System and energy metering .


The £ 1.75m project was completed within a 6 month accelerated programme.






1 Linear Park, Temple Quay, Bristol


Project Value £1.75M - 4816 m²

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