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23 Grosvenor Place is a grade 1 listed building located on the main A4 London Rd in Bath. The building was constructed as a Hotel in around 1790 for travellers to and from London and is notable for its impressive Regency facade.


It was converted into 20 apartments for residential accommodation sometime around 1970 by the local authority and is now managed by The Guinness Partnership Housing Association.


The building is all electric with hot water via local water cylinders and heating via off peak storage heaters.


With the poor thermal envelope and large single glazed sash windows, the electric heating was inadequate to provide thermal comfort when the external ambient temperatures are low. Off Peak storage heating by its nature, provides the least amount of heat in the evenings, when the residents are at home.


We have been involved with investigations and designs to provide gas fired boiler plant to the rear of the property to serve a district heating main with energy stations containing energy metering to each apartment. The scheme is currently in discussions with English Heritage and Bath Planning to agree details.














23 Grosvenor Place, Bath


Construction Cost £300K

Grosvenor place 440