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Brodie Partnership were employed to undertake the full design and site supervision of this 1429m2 new build multipurpose sports hall and changing facilities.


The building is designed to be used by the school and for community use outside of school hours. Changing facilities are provided for hall users, with a separate set of facilities for use by local football teams using the adjacent All Weather and grass pitches.


In conjunction with the design team from South Gloucestershire Council, we viewed a number of local sports hall facilities and sought the views, good and bad, of the users. This helped to ensure that the fundaments of acoustics, flooring, heating, ventilation and lighting were correct.


The designs and constructions were necessarily robust and vandal resistant, to ensure that the areas remained in good condition. Underfloor heating was provided throughout the changing areas to avoid pipework corrosion problems with the wet atmosphere, and ensure that wet floors dry quickly.


The hall is the first building at Hanham with a sprinkler system which required close coordination with the structural engineer and a specialist fire engineering contractor.


With the high hot water demand, a solar thermal system was installed on the roof, with the capacity to provide 100% of the hot water demand in optimum conditions.


The building was constructed within an operational school, which required a carefully considered health and safety plan and close coordination between the designers, contractors and the school.















Hanham High School, Sports Hall, Bristol


Construction Cost £2.2M. M & E Services £470K

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