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The relighting of Milsom Place Shopping centre presented a special and interesting challenge.


We worked with Architects, Martin Blake Associates of Bath to realise their conceptual designs for the relighting and refurbishment of the centre. A number of the buildings within the centre are listed and the aim was to provide illumination that met minimum levels for safety and emergency lighting, whilst enhancing the buildings natural beauty, and providing a subtle ambience.


We rationalised some of the luminaire selections to balance lamp life and maintenance against the various effects created. Where possible LED luminaires were used due to long life and low energy consumption.


One of the key decisions was the colour of the lamps and their effect against the natural warm honey coloured Bath stone facades. To demonstrate the design concepts and confirm the lamp colours, we organised sample luminaires with halogen, metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps. The main luminaire types were trialled in sample areas.


This enabled MBA and the client to view the effects and make final decisions. The end results achieved all of the project aims. The client on the Redcross Mews project (see Residential) requested that the external lighting looked like Milsom Place, not realising that Brodie Partnership were involved!















Milsom Place Shopping, Bath


M & E Value £120K

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