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The Motorola Solutions site in Basingstoke was originally constructed in 1982 as production space for their pager and mobile phone products. Over time the core business has changed and the site extended and the production areas converted into R & D Labs for Motorola's product development and customer support.


Project Managers JCI had a phased plan for various modifications and refurbishments to the site. At the initial briefing meetings Motorola explained their philosophy and desire to achieve energy savings across the site.  We undertook an energy audit of the 18,300m2 site which revealed the problem areas and identified a number of possible solutions, together with costs.


Phase 1 of the works was to relocate training laboratories and office accommodation as an enabling works contract for Phase 2. Phase 2 consolidated the existing R & D Labs into a new 615m2 "data centre" type environment, (the noisy lab) together with office accommodation (the quiet labs) within the original main production area.  


Due to the highly specialist nature of the rooms it was very important to ensure that the requirements for each space were defined. Regular meetings were held with the Lab owners and Room data sheets created to define the requirements for each lab user. This included a comprehensive package of works for the technical wiring required for the various communication systems used within the Labs, and the relocation of a number of EMC Chambers.


Cooling to the Noisy Lab is provided via down flow close control units from a chilled water main.


A new electrical distribution system is provided which provides 3 supplies to each rack position and has facility for generator and UPS support. Lighting within the Lab areas is via microwave detectors for energy saving.


A VESDA Fire detection system is installed to the noisy lab area for early warning of fire. Sprinklers are provided elsewhere for fire protection.


The works including the technical systems wiring fit out was designed and installed within 6 months on a fast track program.


As recommended by the Energy Audit, a new high efficiency 650kW chiller, and inverter controlled main chilled water pumps were installed as these were identified as significant energy users. The original 1982 heating boilers were also replaced with new high efficiency models.


Future projects in the pipeline include the installation of a Combined Heating and Power Plant coupled with an absorption chiller to maximise the heat energy from the CHP Plant.











Motorola Solutions, Basingstoke. R & D Labs and Energy Efficiency Works

Construction Cost £1.65M. M & E Value £1.2M

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