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The St Marys School project is an extension to an existing residential block to provide accommodation for 6th form boarding pupils comprising 49 ensuite bedrooms and 4 staff flats over 3 floors.  Common rooms, cooking and laundry facilities are also included.


The first stage of the works involved the provision of a new substation to supply the building as the existing school infrastructure was up to limit.


Heating is via gas fired condensing boilers and radiators with TRV's.


The extension uses off site manufactured pods for ensuite units.


Ventilation within the existing building was poor due to air tightness, and so the stairwells are used as passive stacks to assist and ventilate the internal areas of the building.







St Marys School, 6th Form Residential Block, Calne


M & E Value £440K

St Marys1 440