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Surveys and Reports



Pre-Acquisition surveys


Pre-Acquisition surveys are undertaken for potential tenants and building purchasers who need to understand what they are leasing or buying.


These will typically examine the condition, capacity and life expectancy of the building services installations and compliance to current standards. We produce a written report explaining what services are provided, with commentary on the condition, and budget costs for recommended works. Where there are significant issues, these are explained in more detail.

We aim to write the reports so that they can be understood by non technical clients.  Executive Summary sheets are provided as a short form guide to the report to avoid the need to read the whole document to understand the general implications of the report.


The aim is to provide the purchaser or tenant with an idea of their liabilities with regards the services installations before they purchase or enter into the lease. Where significant works are required, this can often lead to a renegotiation on the costs.


Dilapidation Surveys


We undertake dilapidation surveys for tenants and landlords, where the tenants are under repairing obligations in the lease. Typically this involves the preparation of a detailed dilapidations schedule in a "Scott Schedule" format with budget costs for remedial works.


The surveys for Tenants are where they need to understand their liabilities towards the end of a lease, to assist in their future financial planning.


The surveys for landlords tend to be undertaken at the end of a lease. The dilapidations schedule is used to negotiate the financial responsibility of the tenant. The schedules


Condition Surveys and Forward Maintenance Registers


Condition surveys are usually undertaken for existing building owners who want to understand the condition, compliance to current standards and life expectancy of their buildings. We are able to undertake surveys for individual buildings or property estates and can present the information in different formats to suit the client. These can include


•A simple written report with a costed schedule

•A costed schedule with a condition coding system in an excel format for integration into a wider building management system.

•A more detailed survey to identify each item of equipment and plant and provide an asset register. The register is often used for obtaining quotations for planned maintenance works


Feasibility Studies & Services Strategies


Where the exact extent of works for a project is unclear, we recommend the commissioning of a Feasibility Study to produce a Services Strategy document. In M & E terms, this involves an understanding of the end requirements, and an examination of the existing services installations to determine how you achieve it. The output will be a report identifying the works required to each services element, together with budget costs. This will enable the project to proceed with certainty as to the outcomes.
















Brodie Partnership are experienced in undertaking building surveys and reporting on Building Services installations for landlords and tenants.